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I'm Jovi. Back in 2019, I decided to follow my passion for drawing and surfing. I started a graphic design course after my working hours as a social-cultural worker. At the same time, I started Raised By Summer, my very own ocean-inspired passion project. Today I can call myself a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and muralist who is currently living between different surf spots. 

I believe that I can only become true to myself when I follow my passion and purpose. For years I tried to live the standard expectations of society and it’s just not working for me. I feel there is more to discover in myself and the world. I only want to settle for a life that is fully aligned with how I feel inside.  It's far from the easiest road, but one worth travelling. 

"I choose the name Raised By Summer because the dream of being a surf culture illustrator started in India and always peaked during summer surf trips with my friends. In that way my dreams were raised by the summer."


My first surfing experience was in 2014 during my social work internship in Kovalam, South India. I was doing an internship at Sebastian Indian Social Project, which is an NGO that gives local children second chance at education. If the children go to school for 5 days in a row they could go surfing during the weekend at the Kovalam Surfclub


As social worker I did many home-visits to see if our organisation could help the families in the neighbourhood. It was my first time out of Europe and I found it extremely difficult to process those extreme poverty situations. During the weekends at the surfclub I only saw happy faces. One of the local surfers introduced me to longboarding.


To me surfing had the same influence it had on all the children, it kept my mind peaceful. I’m not the best surfer out there but until today it’s always been a way to cope with life and calm my thoughts. 


"I never imaged to blend my passion for illustration and surfing into a business that helps lifestyle and ocean-related businesses in finding their unique identity"


Art & Design,

In the last few years, between India and now, I came in contact with the work of many great surf and ocean artists. It's been artists like Andy Davis, Lizzy Artwork, Daniella Garreton, and Inna Kelapa that opened up my eyes. They made me realize that maybe if I consistently put my energy toward creativity, I could also become an illustrator.

Today, Raised By Summer is a professionalized project. Through my passion for crafted illustration, design, and branding, I help lifestyle- and ocean-related businesses find their unique style and identity. My minimalistic, bohemian-inspired style can translate your brand values toward your customers/community. May it be to increase your sales, build trust with your customers, or release a new sustainable service. I'm here to help. 

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