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"Through my passion for crafted illustration, design, and branding,

I help lifestyle- and ocean-related businesses find their unique style and identity."

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Raised By Summer offers different branding packages that will help you in finding your unique style, build trust with your costumer and make your brand stand out.

RBS LOGO-03_edited.png


Next to design, Raised By Summer offers unique hand-drawn illustrations that will give your brand an original look. Illustration is a great way to translate your brand values to your ideal customers.

RBS LOGO-03_edited.png


What if I already created your ideal illustration that represents your band? It's possible to rent my design for an amount of time and a number of products. 

Low tide package


The low tide package is a great starter for businesses who are looking for a new logo design or established brands looking to refresh.

With multiple logo options and revisions, we'll make sure we are heading in the right direction. A logo design that stands out and represents your values for the coming years!


Mid tide package


The mid-tide package dives deeper because it builds a visual identity based on the logo design. This package will give your brand a consistent feeling. It's an absolute must when you try to build trust with your customers/community.

With additional brand alternatives, a postcard or business card, and brand style guide we are heading in the right direction for a beautiful branding. 

High tide package


The high tide package is a premium package that will make your brand outstanding, unique, and truly original. Besides extra logo options and wordmarks, you'll have two additional brand illustrations in your style.

This premium package will energize your brand through a diversity of illustrations. The high tide package creates personality and will set your business apart. A must

have if you want to shine!


Illustration package


Illustrations are a key factor in building your brand. They provide a great opportunity to communicate your vision, values, and emotions to your audience. They can be used in different areas of your brand. May it be on social media,

your products or as shirts and sweaters. 

Illustration can truly uplift your brand and create a connection with your audience. 

All you need to do to start a project together is fill out my contact form. I'll get back to you in the next day. 

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