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Art in Rug - Unique Persian Rug, limited edition 1/1. California

Art in Rug is an Innovative Art House and the result of working tirelessly for a very long time in the rug industry with a passion for fine arts. They provide artwork in the form of great quality rugs for exclusive art lovers. Art in Rug offers high-quality Persian rugs with exceptional artistic designs. They describe themselves as 'a house where artists and designers are gathered to express their heart and soul into a unique work and share this work with true art enthusiasts. All works offered by us are of original designs. We have a very selective process to work with artists. We do this so that we can make fine art rugs a reality. A sweet reality for those who seek unique pieces. We are fully able to implement the designs on any size with the highest quality, the best that fits your requirements.'

Unique Limited Edition of 1

‎‏Title: Enjoy Life

‎‏Size: 120cm x 120cm

‎‏Medium: Persian Rug

Art in Rug: '‘Enjoy Life’, is a captivating illustration with a sense of nostalgia for the carefree summer days and sun-soaked adventures. Surf culture artist, Jovi Cauwels, created this illustration while he was living next to an incredible surf spot in Morocco. This piece carries a feeling of warmth, and joy, and lets you relive the magic of summer. It’s a reminder to live the small pleasures and enjoy life once more.'

Client - Art in Rug

Illustration Package - Licensing of illustration Illustration used for the design of 1 unique Persian Rug. Visit Art in Rug


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