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Mural Painting, Morocco - Raised By Summer

In the beginning of 2022, after the opening of the Moroccan borders, I decided to go back to a place close to my heart - Imsouane. One of my goals for the new year was to try something new within my art.

I wanted to draw one of my illustrations on a bigger scale. Morocco is the perfect place to experiment with mural design as the rules and regulations about using a public wall are more loose.

After searching for about 30 minutes I found the perfect wall. The wall is located at the terras of Momo Café, overlooking the Cathedral surf break. For my first mural I chose one of my minimalistic illustrations. The artwork is called 'Keep Growing' and resonates a lot with the stage of my life right now. I was lucky enough to have a very talented friend bij my side, Maria Masha Nomset, who took beautiful pictures from that day. Enjoy


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