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Apparel for Hangfive Baleal - Surf Culture & Coffee - Portugal

There is no doubt if you love the longboard culture, Hangfive is the best concept store in Baleal, Portugal. Besides being a cool place to have a drink or watch a concert, you will find everything you need to surf the surrounding breaks. They have a great selection of hand-shaped boards, art, and vintage clothing.

When the shop owner, Luis, gave me complete creative freedom to illustrate the new shirts and sweaters for the shop I felt honored. After our talk, we decided to do a new version of the 'we surf small waves' design they had a few years before with local legend Lizzy Artworks. Let's have a look at my design:

Challenge: The main task was to create an illustration that resonates with the deep-rooted longboarding culture in Baleal, Portugal. The shop has an incredible community of true surfers, so the illustration must be on point.

Package: illustration design

Solution: This design represents everything the shop stands for, stylish surfing. The sun is a returning element from the shop logo and the mustache is drawn because the shop has a sign that's saying ' quite shortboards, grow a mustache. ' The surfer himself is surfing a hang-five stance on top of the shop name.

To make the audience and potential buyers feel connected to the shirt, we added 'we surf small waves'.

After the launch, these limited edition shirt and sweaters sold out super fast.

Client - Hang five Baleal, Portugal

Package - Illustration package

Illustration used for limited edition screenprint shirts/sweaters


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