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Logo design for earth-friendly soy candles - Nocturnus Solis - Australia

I was honored to work with Nocturnus Solis, a vegan candle business in Cairns, Australia. Anna, the owner, is hand-pouring the candles from vegan and sustainable sourced soy wax. Her packaging is completely plastic-free, and one tree is planted for every purchase.

Challenge: Nocturnus Solis is a starting business that was looking for a visual identity. During our first video call, we brainstormed about what type of illustration could represent the business. Very fast we concluded that the sun and the moon needed to be represented in the design. I started sketching and looking for a well-balanced logo design.

Package suggestion: Low tide package - branding. The low tide package is a great starter for businesses who are looking for a new logo design or established brands looking to refresh. With multiple logo options and revisions, we'll make sure we are heading in the right direction. A logo design that stands out and represents your values for the coming years!

Solution: For this design, I went with the typical minimalist, bohemian Raised By Summer style. The sun and the moon are the elements that Anna wanted to be included in the design. We went with a round design because the logo will be implemented on round stickers for the overall branding of the business.

Anna: "I couldn’t be happier with my brand’s new logo! Jovi followed my eclectic vision and found a way to create something creative, elegant, and with a real identity. Working with a new designer can be daunting, but Jovi made it seamless and rewarding. Thank you!"

Client - Nocturnus Solis, Australia

Package - Low tide package branding

Illustration used for logo design, packaging, and stickers.


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