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Philippines Apparel Collection '22 with Sense Ohana Belgium

When super typhoon Rai hit the Philippines, I was contacted by Sense Ohana to create three t-shirt designs to support the country. The profits from the sales went to our friend at Siargao Wakepark.

Challenge: Sense Ohana contacted me to create a t-shirt design that would resonate with their audience. They are targeting people who are exploring. They have a community of kitesurfers, skydivers, surfers, wake surfers, and motorcyclists,... a community of daredevils. This collection was created as a charity act, to help the surfing island Siargao. The design had to resonate with the surf culture.

Package: illustration design

Solution: I created a single fin with a plant. the design represents growth, something very relatable to the original cause of the project. At the same time, it's a minimalistic design that without knowing the deeper explanations also looks good on a shirt. Sense Ohana launched an Instagram influencers campaign with this design.

Client - Sense Ohana, Belgium

Package - illustration

Design created for a charity project

Photography by Elise Laine

Video by pro-wakesurfer Bailey Dunn

Influencer campaign with Elise Laine, Bailey Dunn, Jaco Tombolani

Profit went to Siargao Wakepark


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