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Design for Craft Lemonade - Saltwater Shop Germany

Just before the summer of '22, I was contacted by Saltwater Shop to help them with the release of their new Saltwater Craft Lemonade. Saltwater Shop is one of the bigger surf, van life, and adventure stores in Germany. So, I was very excited to work with a well-respected surf-minded company.

Challenge: Saltwater Shop Germany was looking for a playful and inviting design to represent their new product for the Saltwater Goods line.

Package: illustration design

Solution: Illustration will always be a good way to attract customers. The sun, the rainbow, and two branches with basil. This design is created to bring the customer into the summer feel-good vibe. A minimalist, bohemian-inspired design that leaves room for interpretation but intended to build a strong connection with the buyer.

In June, Saltwater Shop launched the new Craft Lemonade with basil, lemon, and ginger. Let's have a look at the bottle design I've created for the launch.

Client - Saltwater Shop Germany

Package - illustration

Design created for the Saltwater Goods line

Production by Tiden Hub


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