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Surfskate design for the Waterborne Skateboard Artist Series '23, USA.

Waterborne Skateboards is one of the big names in the high-performance skate- and surf skate industry. It all started with a dream to create a unique surfable skateboard, right now Waterborne creates unique technology skate adapters. the newest adjustable skate trunks give you different carving options. being selected as an illustrator for the Waterborne Skateboard Artist Series has been a pleasure.

For my contribution to the Artist Series, the Waterborne Crew asked to feature an original wood cut flower of mine. To have this design on their surf deck is an increadible honor. Working together with such an amazing brand. Waterborne Skateboards has long been at the forefront of innovation in high- performance skate and surf technology. While their journey began with a vision of creating a surfable skateboard, they have since become pioneers in developing cutiting-edge skate adapters. Their latest creation, the adjustabla FIN System, offers riders a range of carving options, allowing for a truly costumizable and dynamic riding experience.

The FIN System is a revolutionary Patented new upgrade for the Surf Adapter that allows riders to alter the pivot angle of their Surf Adapter. This kit can be added to any existing skateboard setup! The FINs can be added in 2 configurations, in addition to a Standard Surf Adapter configuration. One configuration is Mega Pump and the other is Super Carve.

Super Carve: Set your FINs to Super Carve for an increased responsiveness and high performance. Super Carve is a very lively setting that emphasizes how tightly the Surf Adapter can turn within a space, and carve it to pieces! Standard: Remove your FINs to utilize the Standard Surf Adapter Geometry. This geometry was something that we created with the goal of achieving the most universal surf style performane for riders across the world. It's still as fun as ever to ride the Standard setting! Mega Pump: Set your FINs to Mega Pump for a dialed back high performance cruising feel. The Surf Adapter won't lean as deeply into turns, and the flatter deck angle allows you to gently pump this board up to high speeds with minimal exertion, and maximal forward propultion. It can still carve with a distinctly Waterborne fluidity.

Being part of the Waterborne Skateboard Artist Series has been an incredible expierence. Collaborating with a brand that values both performance and artistic expression is unique and I'm happy that Raised By Summer can be associated with them. For a limited amount of time there will be the change to use a 10% Discount code 'RAISEDBYSUMMER' to all Waterborne products. So grab a board and join the stoke!


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