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Logo for Oarsman Blue, Saudi Arabia - watersport and lifestyle company.

Introducing Oarsman Blue, a vibrant water entertainment and lifestyle brand that has been making waves in Saudi Arabia for the past four years. The name, Oarsman, signifies the skill and dedication of a professional paddler, while "blue" evokes the boundless beauty of the ocean and sea that they hold close to our hearts. Oarsman Blue organizes water sports activities like paddleboarding, rafting, and kayaking. On top of that they are also a community of like-minded people who celebrate the beachside lifestyle. Working together with lifestyle- and ocean-minded businesses is the core of Raised By Summer. Creating a logo design for a company from the Middle East is such an honor. We went for a minimalistic design that embodies the essentials of Oarsman Blue, down here you can have a look:

Client - Oarsman Blue Package - Logo design package


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